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Frequently Asked Questions About Channels

Find answers about SLING TV services and some helpful links below:

What is SLING Orange?

SLING Orange is our single-stream service that has been available since our launch.

What is SLING Blue?

SLING Blue is our multi-stream service, which offers a different channel lineup and the ability to watch on three screens at one time.

What if I can't decide on one?

You can also subscribe to both services! With SLING Orange + SLING Blue, you can enjoy two separate SLING services, which includes a discount off the normal monthly prices for the two services. Because you are purchasing two separate services, you can get up to four simultaneous streams - one stream of any channel in the single-stream SLING Orange service and three streams for channels on the multi-stream SLING Blue service. 
To get up to four streams, go to My Account and make sure that the Show me only SLING Blue versions of channels in both services box is notchecked.

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I want more, what about Extras?

The best part of SLING TV is the ability for you to get picky with your subscription. After you pick your base service, get as many or as few Extras as you want. Some examples include our Sports, Kids, Lifestyle, Hollywood Extra and more! 

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Does SLING have local channels?

Your favorite live local programming from FOX and NBC is available in select cities with a subscription to SLING Blue or SLING Orange + SLING Blue. Search for local channels below, or learn more about how you can watch your favorite local programming for free with an HD antenna.

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I speak Spanish, what do you have for me?

Add Spanish services as Extras or subscribe to them as your base service. 

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Do you have any international programming?

For international programming, check out our available in-language below. In addition to your favorite programming from around the world, SLING International customers can also enjoy exclusive 8-day replay on all international channels!

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Will my channels be in HD?

Yes, a majority of our channels are available in HD. SLING provides a high-quality television experience inside and outside of the home, anywhere a solid wired, Wi-Fi, or mobile broadband connection is available.

Can I record shows?

With SLING's Cloud DVR, you'll be able to record movies, episodes, full series, and more! 

Get 10 hours of storage with Cloud DVR Free included with your subscription, or upgrade to Cloud DVR Plus and get 50 hours of storage for $5/month. 

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Do you have Video On-Demand?

Of course! Video on-demand content is available on many of our channels. The content and length of time it is available varies by channel.

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Can I Replay shows if I miss them?

SLING offers the ability to replay content that has aired in the past three days on select channels. 
SLING International customers can enjoy exclusive 8-day replay on all international channels! 

Are all channels live?

Almost every single channel SLING offers is live TV, but we do have a few channels that only offer on-demand content. Occasionally you'll come across a channel that has no schedule in the guide; this means that channel only provides video on-demand content.