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Resolving A Buffering Issue
Resolving An Issue With Freezing Or Skipping
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Resolving An Incorrect Guide
Is the watch button still showing after deleting a DVR recording?
Resolving A Missing Audio Issue
Are your Cloud DVR recordings not appearing?
Seeing a message that video is still recording on DVR after the show is over?
Resolving A Small Picture On The Screen
Fixing A "Not Subscribed To Any Channels" Error
Are series recordings showing as individual recordings on your DVR?
Fixing A Video/Audio Sync Issue
Fixing An Issue With Missing Channels
Receiving error 2-2, what can I do?
Have an incorrect progress bar on your DVR?
Having trouble cancelling a current DVR recording?
Having trouble deleting your DVR recordings?
My closed captions are broken or incorrect, what do I do?
Seeing a black screen after a delayed live show?
My app crashed or closed unexpectedly, what do I do?
Having trouble recording a show?
I'm having issues restarting my Sling TV account on my Amazon device, what do I do?
I'm missing a local or regional channel, what do I do?
Why is my game or event blacked out?
Receiving a message that your content is being viewed on another device?
Are you having trouble installing Sling TV from the Windows Store?
Why am I experiencing a spinning wheel on ESPN3?
I am having trouble signing up for Sling TV on my Samsung Galaxy S9, what can I do?
Seeing pixelated video with an intermittent orange spinning wheel?
Seeing a completely black screen?
I am receiving every channel except for one/a few on my OTA antenna
I am receiving a poor signal while watching content through my OTA antenna, what can I do?
I am seeing pixelated or grainy video while watching content through my OTA antenna, or my video/audio comes in and out. What can I do?
Why doesn’t Sling TV work on my Mac or PC?
Receiving an HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled error?
How do I report a video on-demand issue?
I don't see NFL Network in my guide, what can I do?
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Using Player Controls on an In-Progress Cloud DVR Recording
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